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Established 2014

Fremantle Pharmacy has been operating from 37 High Street, Fremantle since 2014. The building was originally designed by architects Cavanagh & Cavanagh and built by Richard Rennie in the 1900s.

After moving to 82B High Street, Fremantle our focus was to service the aged care industry. We now provide services to over 15 sites with excess of 750 beds.

Our vision is to improve standards and efficiencies in the sector to give more time for care through the use of technology.

“Always listen to your patients with an open mind and heart, If you can offer them anything to make a positive difference in their life, then do so, by all means”
Joanne Teoh – Chief Pharmacist
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Martine Brown


Martine Brown has a degree as a qualified Naturopath (BHSc), herbalist and nutritionist. She  is also a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Her role at Fremantle Pharmacy is to educate and support her patients to find effective ways of optimising their wellbeing and meeting health challenges through personalised healthcare. Martine enjoys and thrives on regular and ongoing education to stay up to date with the latest evidence through seminars and continued research to improve patient outcomes.

She is always committed to serve her patients and community, to ensure the best possible guidance and care to support optimal health and wellbeing at all phases of life.

Martine is available instore for advice on supplements, natural therapies and general health advice and can offer personalised herbal remedies for mild ailments with a short consultation. For long term or chronic health complaints an in-depth and personalised approach to your health she can offer a one-on-one consultation.


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